Hurricane Harvey Relief Effort

Hurricane Harvey Help Info

In these difficult times, our hopes are built on nothing else than the grace and comfort of the Holy Spirit.

What an amazing display of the spirit of love, and the mind of Christ in collaborating and caring for one another as commanded by our Lord and savior Jesus Christ. Our brothers, sisters, and neighbors in Richmond, and Houston Texas were impacted by Hurricane Harvey, New Wine Chapel and the members went above and beyond to ensure that our members and neighbors stay safe and cared for even while many of our members were experiencing personal losses to their homes and property.

Hurrican Harvey Relief

New Wine Chapel – Members praying during a relief effort

We’ve seen and heard stories from our members and throughout the city of Richmond of the devastating effect of hurricane Harvey in many families. Please be aware that New Wine Chapel is your partner in your recovery efforts. We belief that we have been strategically located here, in the community, to bring you comfort and the support you need during these difficult times and beyond.

Food Distribution

New Wine Chapel Members giving out boxes of Pizza and water to neighbors

If you have been affected by hurricane Harvey, and you need help to sustain yourself and your family while you recover from the effect of the hurricane, Please browse through our website or give us a call, to find the help you need. You can also contact one of our officers at the following numbers: Pastor Sam – 281-467-5206, Pastor Victor – 832-759-0766, Bro. Emmanuel – 832-757-7732.

Some of the items we have in stock for you includes, but are not limited to:
• Cleaning supplies
• Toiletries
• Children diapers
• Adult sanitary supplies
• Water
• Blankets
• Bed Sheets
• Bread/food

New Wine Chapel and the members have a compassionate spirit to help when you are going through challenging times. You don’t have to be a member of New Wine Chapel to enjoy our care and display of love, you just have to be in need, and we would be there for you. If you just need someone to talk to or a friend that will be close and loyal at all times, then look no further than New Wine Chapel.

You don’t have to be a member, we are willing to come and help. Just reach out to us

The joy of the Lord is your strength.

God bless you richly.