Children’s Ministry


With God’s Word as our highest priority, we have designed the Children’s Ministry in such a way that kids can learn at their own level and pace. Our mission is to make disciples by creating a fun, loving, and interactive environment where kids are encouraged to grow in Christ.
  • We will provide quality Bible Study to help them grow.
  • We will help them understand that God has a special plan for them.
  • We will have exuberant fun as we grow in faith.
  • We will provide Service opportunities to teach them the joy of helping others.
  • We will be grounded in God’s Truth.



New Wine Chapel runs during our Sunday gatherings for children from birth through fifth grade. We work hard to provide our kids with a safe, loving, fun-filled environment where they can connect with other kids and learn about Jesus in a meaningful, relevant way. Kids 5th grade and older are welcome to join the youth gatherings.



NWC is focused on teaching your children about Jesus and helping them to develop a life-long personal relationship with him. All activities, lessons, and stories are developed with this purpose in mind. We introduce children of all ages to Jesus Christ and to help them grow in a relationship with Him. We believe children are of utmost importance in the Kingdom of God, thus we take our role as Children’s Ministry Workers very seriously.




  • To provide a safe, secure and loving environment for children where parents feel comfortable leaving their child.
  • To help each child understand that God is real and that a personal relationship with Him gives meaning to life.
  • To aid each child in accepting Jesus Christ and developing a dynamic relationship with Him.
  • o provide children the opportunity to participate in worship and ministry at a level fitting their age and stage or development.

Oh and did we mention… we want to have FUN!!!!

On any given Sunday you will find the NWC kids making crafts, playing games, learning about God and

HAVING FUN. We have a Wii, cool couches and bean bag chairs, we are bible based and strive to be people of integrity.